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Friday, May 26, 2006

The Possible

It's so awesome to have the chance to start over again. I'm no longer a slave to a controlled substance. I can make choices today that I could not make before.

I can choose whether to drink or not. That's still flabbergasting to me. In the past, I felt no more control over drinking than I felt over breathing. I couldn't just "not breathe". I couldn't just "not drink". I had to drink in order to function. I'm so grateful that I no longer need to do that!

I desperately wanted this freedom a year ago, but I never believed it was possible. I sank into inconsolable distress. If someone told me that this freedom was possible and that I would soon experience it -- I would have not believed.

But it IS possible, and it CAN happen. If you're suffering, you don't have to anymore. When you're ready, check out some resources -- or if you're confused, post a comment:

Today, I am grateful for:

  • Being 50 days sober! Woohoo!
  • God's patience. I'm so glad He let this miracle wait for me.
  • My supportive and loving family -- little puppy "brother" included :)
  • My supportive and loving AA family, online and offline
  • The program of AA
  • A new great friend :)
  • The wonderful people who read my blog
  • The saints who send supportive comments and emails
  • The power of this day


Anonymous said...

Gods Kid :-)

sirreene said...

Woohoo X 2!!!!! This is 50th to enjoy! Have a wonderful Holiday weekend! Be proud of yourself.