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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Is there an alcoholic in your life?

Alcoholism is a devastating disease. It doesn't just affect the alcoholic: It affects everyone around the alcoholic.

If you have an alcoholic family member or friend, chances are, you have been occasionally hurt or confused by their actions. The abuse is very real, it's painful, it leaves scars, and it boggles the mind. Some people blame the alcoholic. Some blame alcohol itself. Others blame themselves.

Regardless of blame, the most important thing for you to realize is that you didn't cause their alcoholism, you cannot control it, and you cannot cure it. You are not at fault in ANY way.

Also remember: You are not alone.

There is a wealth of support groups and information available to help you. Here are a few resources that can help you to find understanding and healing:

Why Do I Need Help? He's the Alcoholic!

Information for Friends and Families -- More Articles

Sober Recovery Forums -- "Family and Friends" -- This is a VERY good forum. Fast-moving, lots of stories, lots of support, great advice given here. You can join and ask questions/offer support there yourself.

A huge long list of helpful links ...

Please check out these resources -- even if you don't feel like you need help -- because you most likely DO need help but don't realize it yet.

You might just find answers to your most mind-boggling questions, and most importantly, find hope and healing for your OWN life.

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