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Thursday, March 29, 2007

my first wreck

Ya know what? Cars and fire hydrants don't get along too well.

One slashed a lovely yellow-paint-coated gash along the entire length of the passenger side of my car, ripping the doors crooked, and leaving the rear tire mangled. Well done! (Boy, I'm a first class dumbass!)

It's pretty funny ... I've never been in a wreck before, even back when I was drinking. I've always prided myself in having a perfect driving record. But now that I'm a week shy of one year sober, I wreck my new car ... which I've only had for two weeks.

But I'm glad that

  • nobody got hurt
  • the fire hydrant wasn't damaged
  • no other cars were involved
  • I have insurance to cover the damage to my car
  • my dad helped me change the tire so we could get the car home
  • I still have my OLD car, so I don't need to get a rental
  • the weather was nice, so I didn't get rained on or snowed on
  • it wasn't dark yet, so I could inspect everything in the sunlight
  • this happened at the perfect time of day to get to a meeting right after, so I could get out of my head and be with other people who had worse days than mine
  • my sponsor & another AA friend met up with me after the meeting and shared some of their experiences banging up cars ... I didn't feel quite so stupid after hearing some of their stories
  • I didn't drink, and I didn't want to
  • I didn't cry, though I kinda wanted to
  • God's probably sitting there laughing at me, but that's okay ... I can laugh at me too.


lushgurl said...

AWWW sorry to hear about wreckin' your new car, that really sucks! I am quite impressed that you still have a sense of gratitude, and humour! Way to BE TDK!!

lushgurl said...

Ooppss...I meant TKD!!

Gwen said...

I'm glad your OK~

Trudging said...

Not only have I banged up cars but, I banged up my house with my car! Don't feel bad

simsample said...

Aww- too bad! Glad you didn't get hurt, and that he car is fixable. Hope you're not too shaken up!

dAAve said...

You will always be able to look back on this with some fondness, knowing that it was not the end of the world.
Glad you're OK.

Sober Chick said...

What an outlook, it is what you have and will get you thru this. I get upset when I get a little nook, and I know I am horrible when I get like that. I enjoy reading your attitude to all of this, it just shows your growth.

Khakra said...

yuck, i hate rental cars. for some reason i always get a pontiac, and it always sux.