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Saturday, August 26, 2006

methods of venting

Spewing out rants is an efficient way to release frustration and feel better, although feel kind of embarassed later. This blog is my one emotional outlet, and I feel kind of guilty about that.

Maybe I should get another outlet (punching bag, dart board, etc).

What kinds of outlets do you have to vent your frustrations? Any ideas out there?


Mark W. said...

Yep! From a very sick sponsor lol...

1. - Long handled axe.
2. - Tree you can afford to chop down.
3. - Image of person/thing affecting you on tree at target area.
4. - Strike target with expletive spewage upon impact.
5. - When tree is down, relax.

Anonymous said...

About the middle of P.84 thru the end of the chapter seems to work for me.

dAAve said...

What's wrong with using this blog? No reason to feel guilty.

Anonymous said...

1. Crying and Praying (telling God how I feel and how I hate the situation, but trust Him)
2. Singing
3. Talking to someone I know cares about me for who I am NOT what I do.

Anonymous said...

a loud amp and a good guitar.


Gwen said...

Its all good. It has to come out somehow. I have to get it out and use prayer, meditation, my sponsor and my counsler. All ways to help me stay in the solution ~ talk about the problem and focus on the solution.

Anonymous said...

Martial arts. :)