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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Gibson faces Hollywood Backlash, Crucifixion

I've found the recent story concerning Mel Gibson's DUI arrest quite interesting ... and sad.

Set of Articles:

[Report Sent to Prosecutors]

[Gibson's Full Statement]

[Gibson Enters Rehab]

[Deputy on Gibson: Just 'booze talking']

[Gibson may face Hollywood backlash]

Man, when we alcoholics faced the consequences of our actions, they weren't as devastating as this. A few friends, coworkers, or family members would find out. But not the entire world.

Everybody knows that words blurted out during an alcohol-induced blackout are harmless and meaningless. But everyone is holding him to his words as if he said them while sane -- even people who have done similar or worse things themselves.

Hollywood's hypocritical reaction makes me angry. As someone commented on FARK, "If he had just drugged and raped a 13-year old girl or married his ex's daughter like a normal Hollywood director he'd be fine."

This is painful to see.

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dAAve said...

Hypocritical? Sure.
However, celebrity and fame are great when one does great things. This is the other side of that coin. He's not the first and certainly not the last.
Hopefully, this may be his "bottom" and something good can come out of it.