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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Ultimate Cola+Mentos Experiment

Okay, so hundreds of videos have been posted all over the internet showing the "fizz rockets" that can be created from the violent reaction of adding mentos candy into a bottle of cola.

But this chick has decided to show how it's really not so impressive after all -- by mixing the two ingredients in her stomach.

[Click Here] to see the Google Video. (1 min, 3 sec)

Note: The end might surprise you! ;)


Tab said...

LOL! I did not see that one coming!
Looked like everything was going
just fine ....then....LOL

Shannon said...

LOL that was soooooooooo worth it... Hi I am shannon and just saw you over at Big Maacks so thought I would stop by and introduce myself... have a good day

tkdjunkie said...

Hiya tab and shannon -- and welcome! :)