Sober since April 6, 2006


Monday, June 19, 2006

Obsession is not a perfume!

It's the constant, sanity-stealing impulse to do something -- even if you know it's bad for you.

It might hide, but it never goes away.

It stalks you. And at your weakest moment, it strikes.

What little sanity you had is gone.

You lose the "will" to fight it.

And it defeats you ... again.

Today, I'm thankful for ...

  • not giving in
  • being 74 days sober
  • long walks in the forest
  • AA buddies
  • loving family and boyfriend
  • precious puppy
  • God, who helped me to stay sober today



Way to go on the 74 days. Stay strong sista and know I'm always here.
I see you,

Mary Christine said...

Yay for 74 days. Keep coming back.

Tab said...

Hey its a pleasure to meet you
tkdjunkie! Great to see 74 days sober on your list..among other precious gifts in life!!! I hope to see you again sometime at my blog and I do believe I will be stopping by to check in on you too if thats okay :)
I think you have a great little blog going here...Thanks for sharing !
PS. I can SO relate to forest walking "therapy"...the peace and fresh air is so revitalizing..
and soul soothing....((deep sigh))
gawd I need to go camping soon ! lol

BigSkymAAck said...

I think it is great that you keep adding up days. Keep it up.

tkdjunkie said...

Thanks, all. They say "the obsession will be lifted" -- and I can't wait!