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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Importance of Gratitude

It's so easy to get caught up in bad feelings and bad memories. It's easy to get depressed and angry. Most people can get depressed and angry all they want. But if I get depressed and angry, I'll lose control and drink. I desperately don't want to drink -- anything but that!!!

Probably one of the best ways to prevent slipping into that mess is to be thankful. So what if the shame of my past brings me to tears? I HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO THINGS RIGHT TODAY! So what if I feel tired all the time? I HAVE A BODY THAT CAN BREATHE, EAT, AND WALK ON ITS OWN! So what if my car got a new dent on it? I HAVE A CAR -- AND IT WORKS! To every annoyance, there's a reason to be thankful.

It just seems that my wayward tendency to lose perspective is fueled by taking things for granted.

I rarely see the value of what I have ... until it's gone. So, I must train myself to think differently. I need to see the value of things BEFORE I lose them :)

So, I'm going to follow the leads of some other alcoholic bloggers, and start making a "Gratitude List" every day. Might as well start today.

Today, I am Thankful for ...

  • Being sober!
  • My loving family and adorable puppy that make me feel needed and valued
  • My car didn't get a flat tire today -- like William's truck did ... @_o;
  • My PC and laptop are working great
  • OMG I HAVE a laptop!
  • The weather was absolutely beautiful today -- like a gift from God
  • A certain group of AA that meets to HAVE FUN as well as grow
  • the birds
  • and the bees
  • and the flowers
  • and the trees
  • and ... etc
Okay well I guess that wasn't too bad for a first try ... will do better tomorrow.


Mary Christine said...

That's is GREAT for a first try!

friend said...

Way to Go, a good attitude allows God to work and work in your life for his great things!

Rex said...

Great list.......thanks for sharing!

tkdjunkie said...

Thanks for the feedback, everyone :)