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Monday, September 17, 2007

overlooked blessings

I was sitting through heavy rush hour traffic this morning on my way to work.

As usual, the slowpoke lolling drivers in front of me were all idiots, and the impatient tailgating drivers behind me were all maniacs.

Looking at the clock, I became fearful that I would be late to work. So I sat there and stewed. I HATE being late.

Toward the end of my drive, I looked out my window and noticed something I had forgotten.

The last time I said "goodbye" to my boyfriend, he kissed my window three times, leaving three "kissprints" on my window. I hadn't noticed them all morning until that moment.

Suddenly it didn't matter whether I was going to be a few minutes late to work. The idiots in front of me and the maniacs behind me could drive as they willed, and I didn't care.

Those kissprints didn't suddenly appear -- they were there for the whole drive. I looked straight through them without noticing them. But still they were there. How many other little blessings to I miss every day because I'm preoccupied with something else?

I sometimes tend to get bent out of shape over things I can't have or can't control, it was nice to be reminded this morning that there are reasons to smile -- all around me. They may be easy to overlook, but they are there.

Today, I'm grateful ...

  • to be 529 days sober
  • for my friends, loved ones, and family
  • for the three kisses left on my car window
  • for the unnoticed blessings yet to be discovered
  • for the people at the meeting tonight, discussing the 9th step
  • for the honesty of the people at these meetings
  • for the ladies in AA
  • to step outside and shiver from the cool breeze (it's been so HOT lately)
  • to have enough
  • to be sleepy at bedtime
  • that God's ideas are bigger than mine


dAAve said...

Wow! Your boyfriend has big lips!

I have noticed over the years that I NEVER get stuck behind the fast drivers -- it's always the slow ones. hmmmmmm...

LAS said...

Thanks for this reminder! I think I miss many things every day!

Katia said...

I love reading your gratitude lists!

Question for you - when you first sought a sponsor...what were your goals? What did you hope to get out if this new relationship?

Its something I have been thinking about and answers seem hard to come by...

Thanks for your thoughts!

recoveryroad said...

Good post. Ace list. The last one hit me hard -

"that God's ideas are bigger than mine"

hanks for the reminder. Thanks for helping me stay sober another day!

tkdjunkie said...

Thanks, all :)

Katia, when I first sought a sponsor, it was because I unsuccessfully tried to work the steps by myself. I got stuck. I needed someone to show me how she got through the steps.

Fortunately I have a sponsor now, and she is graciously showing me how she worked the steps. At the same time, helping another alcoholic helps her to stay sober. So it's a mutual benefit.

It's been a great relationship too though. She's my sponsor, but she's also my friend. I'm very grateful for her, and I can't thank her enough for being willing to help me.

Jeani said...

I have found that the little things are the big things. Like lip prints on your window!!!

I have had a rough summer physically but do believe I am back on track.

I can feel frustrated and read your blog and say "Boy she just said what I am trying to say"
Awesome. Keep posting.

Namenlosen Trinker said...

Kisses on the windshield: what a perfectly lovely analogy for all the blessings we look right through without seeing.