Sober since April 6, 2006


Sunday, March 04, 2007

this attitude needs some gratitude

So here it is:

Today, I'm especially thankful for ...

  • being sober
  • having amazingly awesome AA friends
  • having a loving family that loves me and supports me
  • gliding through the wind on a beautiful day with my special guy on his motorcycle
  • watching a movie with friends
  • hanging out at the coffee shop with friends
  • having friends (they're all in AA -- AA's are the best friends in the world!)
  • knowing that one of my homegroup chicas faced something very challenging this week, and she has been willing to share what's going on, and she's stayed sober through it
  • having a job to get up for in the morning
  • the possibility of buying my dad's car (if the bank will help a bit)
  • having a nice warm, soft bed to sleep in
  • being tired enough to want to sleep
  • having the opportunity to embrace a coworker tomorrow who is returning to work from bereavement leave
  • shopping at the mall with mom today ... found a beautiful dress!
  • going to church this morning (for the second time since last summer). I felt a bit out of place, but the feeling got better as the service proceeded.
  • the "ice pack burn" on the back of my neck is almost completely healed (man, that really hurt!)
  • God, because He's there when nobody else is


recoveryroad said...

Great list. Love the bit about the bike, too!

I hope the bank helps out.

Thanks for helping me stay sober for another day.


Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Thanks for sharing your list, tkdJunkie. Love to see you in dress one of these days.

~ A friend from NA.

Shadow said...

gliding through the wind on a beautiful day with my special guy on his motorcycle - WOW, that's so good!!! gotta agree.

alcoholism treatment said...

Wow, tkdjunkie, you really are an inspiration! I love reading the list and as I ponder on them I remember my brother who is undergoing his own travail with alcoholism treatment. I wish him to be as sober, optimistic, and sunny as you are after concluding his recovery. tkdjunkie, I hope to read more of you and keep inspiring people!