Sober since April 6, 2006


Saturday, October 07, 2006

sad day today

Sorry but I had to change the entry initially written here ... this blog is my primary therapeutic tool, but I need to be more careful with what I say. Maybe I'll be able to bring up the old post in a more appropriate way after I've had more time to heal.

For now, I'll just say that I'm sad for a loved one who left. I'm hurt and angry too, but for the most part, I'm just sad for him. The whole situation is sad.

I'm grateful to be sober, and I hope he's still sober too.

I'm physically sick, and physically and emotionally exhausted.


lash505 said...

I think sometimes its easier to date a normi

hippychick said...

Hey there, my bud. This too,shall pass. I hear you, and you know what? The greatest gift you have today is your sobriety... relationships will come when the time is right. I feel your pain, but you know what? Let's try to get better (sober) together!
xoxo - hippychick

Jen said...

It hurts to lose someone you love. Know that I am feeling something similar right now, and I understand that pain. We're feeling it together...but sober...and we will make it through stronger.

Dying for a Drink said...

I'm sorry you're sad and sorry you're physically not well on top of the emotional pain. It's hard to 'look on the bright side' when there doesn't seem to be any light at all, but I hope some rays of sunshine come your way to brighten your darkness.

BigSkymAAck said...

Congrats on the six months that is GREAT. For me loved ones came and went and each one was more difficult when they left, and still very painful. Then I realized that God always has something better in store for me. I hope that will be your experience as well.

Stuart said...

Sometimes life gets us down but we always manage to pick ourselves up and keep going. Big congrats on the six months sober. Mad things re-arrange, you'll see. :)

Gwen said...

Hang in there ;)

Mark said...


There are a lot of acronyms for "time" like; Things I Must Earn and Things I Must Endure etc. But, more importantly, I have to know and understand that I'm on God's Time and so are you. Tomorrow Ain't Promised To No One. Everything happens in God's time. Oh, and Time is what keeps everything from happening at once! So - One Day At A Time. It will get weird, then better. It will get better then weird. It will get strange then better. Do your best with each day. That is all you can ask of yourself. Trust the Higher Power you understand. To Love you and guide you through the tough times AND the good times. This too shall pass. This time next year you'll have forgotten a great deal of what the pain was all about. But - you will have also learned a great deal about what it takes to stay clean and sober!

tkdjunkie said...

Thanks everybody. You are all so nice to leave words of encouragement for me. I'm feeling better :) It just takes time.