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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lack of brain receptors to blame?

I just came across an interesting article. This is what caught my attention:

"Levels of the same brain receptor, called dopamine-2, are lower than normal in alcoholics. Scientists suspect that the lower number of dopamine receptors may prevent alcoholics from feeling intrinsic pleasure, which may motivate them to drink. Similarly, scientists say the higher levels of dopamine-2 receptors in nondrinkers may somehow protect these at-risk people from excessive drinking."

The article also says,

" ... scientists have used gene therapy to increase dopamine-2 receptors in rats primed for alcohol addiction. They stopped drinking. When the new receptors were depleted, the animals resumed their consumption of liquor."

The full article is [HERE].

I've often heard alcoholics berate the drugs developed to cure alcoholism. They specifically laugh at Antabuse and ReVia, because they don't work. No drug can cure alcoholism or make it any "easier".

But I've also heard many AA members say that even if a miracle drug is made that completely cures alcoholism -- a 100% cure -- they still wouldn't take it.

I really don't understand why. I'd be the first in line.


Trudging said...

What, I am missing intrinsic pleasure? What a ripoff

Anonymous said...

Could you just imagine a drug that would cure alcoholism.I bet it would have 100 possible side effects.I would probably experience every single one.See ya Gods Kid.

Mark W. said...

To try to quote the oldtimer who taught me...

If they finally invent a pill that "cures" alcoholism - I'm going to run right out and celebrate!!!

Get it? :-) I did...

Sober Chick said...

I'd be there with that old timer mark w. speaks of. LOL

tkdjunkie said...

True, it would probably have tons of side effects, and they would all happen to me too :P

But really -- I wouldn't want the drug so that I could drink again. I'm just tired of constantly feeling uncomfortable wearing my own skin. I just want to feel normal.

jackson said...

Interesting discovery, if true. I think it's the contrast: going from your 'normal' sub-euphoric state to intoxication, or from a natural sadness or depression or fear to being surprisingly "high".

A pill would erase the contrast. Alcohol would be a *shrug*. That'd be fine with me of course, though it's too late in my case. Good for mankind, then.

I think the 12 steps teach us that the problem isn't alcohol but our character defects, and this is why a "pill" would not only be superfulous but even a hinderance. We're seekers after all, and after exacerbating our character defects and then discovering what God can do for us, it's almost like you end up being grateful for the original affliction.

I'd have liked to have skipped the drunk part and just joined AA and started working the steps. lol

So glad you are still with us, btw. Enjoy visiting here.

SCoUt said...

When I finally accept that I am an addict and surrendered to this process, it gave me a TON of freedom, in part, because I could stop asking "why" and researching the "why" of all of my use and abuse of chemicals. Why? Because I am an addict -- that is why -- research and questioning over.
If you took the pill, you would find something wrong with it. Why? Because you are an addict.
Our disease is physical, mental, and spritual in nature, but hold on -- religion, psychiatry, and medicine were not sufficient for us. Our disease always resurafaced or continued to progress until in desperation we found help in N.A. (Not a direct quote -- sorry -- from NA Basic Text.) Our solution is spiritual in nature. So we could take all the cure pills we wanted and we wouldn't get better.
A real life example of this???? Methadone and Suboxone for opiate addicts. Takes away withdrawl from opiates, takes away cravings (at the right dose), yet very few make it this way......
See what I am saying?
Just one woman's opinion...

Anonymous said...

I have never understood this.I am not a addict.I am not addicted to any substance.I have is in remission.I have recovered from a hopeless state of mind and body.My body underwent a change.When I drink,my body processes the booze differently than "normal" people.Thats what makes alcoholism a disease.I recovered when I SMASHED THE (ALCOHOLIC)DELUSION that I could control the drink like normal people. A crack addict(as a example) does not suffer from a delusion that he can smoke crack like normal people.Normal people dont smoke crack!Any pill that cures alcoholism would have to address that "allegery" aspect which occures only in certian people.If I could take a pill that cured the bodily part ,then my above mentioned delusion would, well, no longer be a delusion.A psychic change would occure.Of course it could not remove my sin.That would be a whole other pill.And I would still have to repair the damage done by my binges................................As far as alcohol abuse goes.Alcohol "abusers" drink with their will.You can see this at any good football game that allows beer to be served.Some people abuse alcohol because they have issues in their life that need delt with.If one is of the second type they need to get help and deal with the issue or issues..Pathological drinkers(alcoholism)will take a drink to escape the effects of their drinking (binges).Then after they take the first drink they are no longer drinking to escape.They are drinking to overcome a craving that is beyond their mental control.This process is repeated over and over.There are many spiritual people who can sip some red wine from time to time.I cannot do that no matter how spiritualy fit I am.My body wont allow it.If you let these same people smoke crack from time to time they will become addicted.I dont care how spiritual they are.Of course they would never smoke crack because they understand that it is highly addictive and illegal.