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Friday, August 18, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

I went to see Little Miss Sunshine today with my boyfriend. That was an awesome movie. I highly recommend it. The unique twists with each character truly make for an educational (and entertaining) experience.

The movie is about "the family trip from hell". Everything goes wrong. And each character has to cope with it in his or her own way.

So it's interesting from that standpoint, to watch from a third-person perspective, how these characters choose to cope with each event. Not to mention, the movie is overall quite funny and entertaining in addition to being insightful.

(Note: There is alot of profanity used throughout the movie, so if you're deeply offended by profanity, you might rather pass this one up.)

Today, I'm especially grateful for ...

  • being 134 days sober
  • safe driving. A head-on collision happened minutes ahead of me last night ...
  • my reliable car, that gets me to meetings
  • my sweet boyfriend
  • my patient family
  • my adorable dog
  • AA
  • the beautiful weather
  • God, who gave us two beautiful cool days back-to-back in the middle of this roasting summer


lash505 said...

That great. I will check out the movie. Congrads 134 days

Anonymous said...

Ive been working on my garbage mouth I think Ill pass.

Gwen said...

"safe driving. A head-on collision happened minutes ahead of me last night ..."

That is a good thing for a gratitude list.

Thanks for the movie tip. I will have to check it out.


doughgirl said...

Sounds like a great movie, I will have to go see it. Congrats on 136 days...:)