Sober since April 6, 2006


Saturday, August 05, 2006

La dee dah

I'll never understand the occasional desire to be miserable. Have you ever noticed times where you had the opportunity to be happy, but you refused to be? I don't understand it and can't really explain it.

I'm doing better today than yesterday. Still sober. Trying to get spiritually focused. The answer is there, in that personal relationship with God. It's so simple that it's almost too complicated to "uncomplicate" and finally understand. Or maybe I'm confused again :)

Today, I'm grateful for ...

  • being 121 days sober
  • getting to a meeting on autopilot today
  • my family and boyfriend hanging out together (and having fun)
  • the nice weather -- getting much needed rain
  • a daily reprieve
  • my functional car
  • air conditioning
  • love
  • God, for always being present and patient

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Anonymous said...

Gods Kids will not fall asleep in the dark or when its raining.Gods Kids fall asleep in the sunshine.We dont know at what point we fall asleep in the sunshine.We know we are sleepy,and we try to stay awake.It is only after we awaken do we realize that we were asleep.God, keep us awake in the sunshine.:-) RW