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Sunday, August 06, 2006

a confusing entry

Today was a good day. I saw an excellent movie that I highly recommend to anyone, "Secondhand Lions". It's a very sweet and touching story with a good moral. They don't make movies this meaningful anymore.

It seems like today's movies suck royally. "Snakes on a Plane" is proof alone that Hollywood is hooked on crack. Some doped-up exec said, "I know -- let's give Samuel L Jackson a gun and put him on an airplane filled with snakes!" Then all the other doped-up execs agreed and spent millions of dollars making this stupid movie. Meanwhile there are kids living in poverty a few blocks away who go to bed hungry every night because mamma can't put together a few dollars a day to feed them. Maybe they'll get to see "Snakes on a Plane" when it hits the dollar theater in a few weeks. What will they learn? New curse words?

Then the religious zealot freaks in the Middle East are blowing each other up again, continuing their 3000-year bloodbath that will NEVER end no matter WHAT happens. And every stupid news station reacts as if it's breaking news. Hello? It's been 3000 years, and nothing has changed over there. It's like giving "breaking news" reports that the earth rotated again. As long as the earth spins, those idiots will blow themselves up. So what? It's their problem and they obviously ENJOY living that way, otherwise they would have stopped blowing themselves up years ago. Stay out of it.

This stupid world has gone to pot.

Well, it started out a good day. It ended in a rant ... how did this happen?

It's just frustrating to see the world in its current condition, and there's not a single thing that can be done to change it.

No wonder people drink.


I have nothing important to say....... said...

I couldn't agree more. When I go see a movie, I want to have to think and pay attention, all the movies are fluff now! Take in point, my friends hated V for Vendetta... Why? Because they didn't WANT to understand his speaches, or the fact that our world is heading toward that type of government....
As for the middle east... I agree totally, why don't we just get everyone out of there and let them do their own thing, we have enough problems here...
Congrats on the 122 days!

SCoUt said...

Happy 123!
Did you know that people are actually geting Snakes on a Plane tatoos? Do they REALIZE those stay on them forever?

Gwen said...

LOL ~ sorry could not help it. I enjoyed watching that rant unfold. Mostly because I get it. It generally happens to me on the "couch." I go into her office and say I guess things are OK only to be completely going off about something 10 minutes later. Hey ~ where did that come from ;)

Have a good one,

Shannon said...

sometimes it does seem that way...
focus on the positive the positve increases, focus on the negative the negative increases... meaning, when you sit and think about the sad state of the world, you will feel fear, anger, frustration ect... but when you stop and think of the good in the world, you feel relief, peace, joy...

Khakra said...

the only funny thing about Snakes on a plane: it's original name was "Snakes on a plane want your ass"