Sober since April 6, 2006


Monday, July 10, 2006

Still sober :)

Just really, really tired and busy.

Got some plans to work out and some worries to shrug off. Stuck in an emotional slump, but that's okay.

Thanks to anyone who still stops by. You're very nice ...


new_eyes said...

I was going to weigh in on the previous thread but it looks like you've got some great readers/ supporters there. Congrats on everything, it's good to drop by and see you're making it.

my favorite AA cliche: don't leave before the miracle.

And the promises do come true :-D , that's beyond dispute.


lash505 said...

Keep going to meetings and stay mainly focused on that only. Life does get better.

dAAve said...

I stop by often.
They told me to Keep Coming Back, so I do.

simsample said...

After a good sleep things will look very different. Don't let one bad day get you down- you've had so many good days so far, and lots more to come. You are doing great, well done!