Sober since April 6, 2006


Friday, July 28, 2006

Little Flashback

This morning, I experienced a little flashback to the old "drinking days".

I was drinking out of a bottle of water. When I pulled the bottle from my lips, the suction created a "thooom" sound that echoed through the bottle.

I heard that sound alot when I was drinking. That sound meant that I had just taken a burning swig of vodka. It always burned my throat, sometimes so badly that it made me gag. And with each swig came the shame of knowing that I was losing myself and unable to stop.

I'm so grateful to be sober today. I don't have to take those burning swigs of vodka anymore. I no longer need to run, or hide, or lose myself.


dAAve said...

drink more water.
have a great weekend.

lash505 said...

It will pass soon.. Just don't fuckin drink as an old sober Scottsman told me.