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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Caution: Thoughts in head are dumber than they appear

Things are improving. When I say "things", I mean my own emotions and perceptions regarding unchanged circumstances.

I love how circumstances don't need to change. Like every alcoholic, every molehill circumstance in my life is perceived as a mountainous obstacle. The circumstance doesn't need to change -- only my perception of it needs to change.

And thank God for that. It's easier to change an outlook than to tackle a seemingly impossible problem.

Isn't that all life is? Life never changes. Circumstances never change. But we change because we grow into new perceptions of it all. Maybe life is just a series of changes in perception ...

... Or maybe it's time for me to go to bed and stop trying to think thoughts that are too big for my brain.


Anonymous said...

What ever happened to your daily lists of things you are thankful for? ;)

Tab said...

Change can be good I believe.
EVerything changes.
Spare change anyone?
Got change for parking?
okay..I'lle stop now.
(perceptions change everything,
cepts the cost of ) remind me of my brain when I think too much lol..which is just what I happened to post about today as a matter of fact.Thinking too much.
Sleep is good, then your dreams can do all the thinking for you.
Take care,thanks for sharing ~

dAAve said...

Actually that's a very perceptive thought. Depending on the situation , circumstances may or may not change.
It's my reaction to things that mostly can change or may not change.

Alcoholic Brain said...

daave, now, that's profound! Really! Now there Journey girl, looks good here. My sponsor and I went for a drive the other afternoon along the river. I wasn't saying anything then he says, "What are you thinking about?" Course I respond with, "Nothin'." He says, "Oh good. You shouldn't think. Your brain wants you dead." Change? I have a hard time changing my mind!! Go girl on with recovery!!