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Friday, June 30, 2006

Saw a movie about a bird ... no, a plane ... no --

SUPERMAN! I got to see Superman today :)

The movie was great. The music brought back some happy memories.

Hearing the music reminded me of when I was a kid -- maybe four or five years old. My dad would play the Superman theme song, pick me up, and hold me as I stretched out and "flew" like Superman. He'd run all over the house, holding me up so that I could "fly". I loved it ...

I'm so blessed to have that happy memory. So many people don't have happy childhood experiences with their parents. But I have so many of them. Sometimes I feel guilty that I had a magical, wonderful childhood while so many others did not.

"But by the grace of God go I."

Today, I'm grateful for ...

  • being 85 days sober
  • having happy memories
  • my wonderful family
  • my precious boyfriend
  • AA friends, online and off
  • the uber awesome people who read my blog
  • my functioning (and reliable) car
  • the "slowpoke" who cut me off on the interstate right before a hidden speed trap. It made me mad at first, but I probably would have gotten a speeding ticket (I was going 74 in a 65mph zone) if he had not cut me off
  • God, who lets me experience his grace, one day at a time


lash505 said...

Congrads 5 more to 90 days. That is BIG TIME 90 days...That was a big day in my sobriety.

BigSkymAAck said...

keep plugging away. You have no idea how happy I am to watch your daily numbers go up.

Anonymous said...

"9, you're fine; 10, you're mine." You'd most likely get away with 74, but 75 and you'd have to stop.

"slowpokes" suck.

conga rats on the sobriety thing.


tkdjunkie said...

Thank you! :)