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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Pretty Dresses & Hangin with the Guys

Dressing like a tomboy is fun. I enjoy wearing baggy khaki pants and tee shirts. But I also like dressing up a bit every now and then. So today, I wore a dress. It's fun wearing a pretty, summery dress while out on the town with a group of guys.

The tomboy-lady transformation is fun. There's nothing like throwing everyone off a bit. The guys were like, "WTF? She can be a lady too?" Well of course!

We went to an IMAX theater, and the elderly usher asked me, "What's this beautiful young lady doing here with these guys?" They seemed to like that for some reason. But the usher would have never made that comment if I had worn my usual baggy khakis and tee shirt. It was kind of fun :)

Had a splitting headache all day that got worse as the day went on. But I had so much fun anyway.

Today, I'm especially grateful for ...

  • being 63 days sober
  • resisting the bar at Jillian's and settling for a diet coke
  • pretty dresses
  • old-fashioned chivalry
  • my precious boyfriend, who lovingly nursed my headache and helped me feel better
  • my patient family, who supports me
  • my beloved puppy, who single-handedly crews my personal greeting committee
  • the sweet people who read my blog
  • God, who kept us all safe today

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