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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Great Clean-Up of 2006

Over the past few years of drinking, I've accumulated a mass of garbage. Literally. I have more STUFF than I know what to do with! It's overwhelming. I've been fearing the "clean-up" for years.

But I've been feeling brave lately, so I've started "The Great Clean-Up of 2006".

I thought it would just take one afternoon. WRONG! The more I clean, the more stuff I keep finding. It's like going through a never-ending pile of STUFF. It never ends. Where on earth is it coming from? It must be generating out of thin air! (Maybe it is?)

My room was definitely a reflection of the state of my mind over the past few years: Messy, cluttered, and dusty. Books I'll never read, CD's I'll never listen to, games I'll never play, old credit card statements/offers that need to be shredded, and clothes. OMG the clothes!

I have fat clothes, skinny clothes, and clothes for in between. Old clothes, new clothes, and clothes I've never seen O_o

I DON'T NEED ALL OF THIS! I swear I'm going to dream about getting strangled by an angry mob of various wardobe rejects ...

But I'm so grateful to finally be doing this. It's kind of like "starting over". I'm excited to get finished!

Today, I'm thankful for ...

  • being 76 days sober!
  • getting to attend two AA meetings today -- one with my boyfriend, and one with my sponsor
  • finally starting to clean up this mess!
  • my cute little car :)
  • my loving family, sweet boyfriend, and adorable puppy
  • God, who lets me experience a miracle each sober day



Keep truck'n gal!
I see you,

dAAve said...

Each day you clean up that garbage, it will take hundreds of pounds off your brain.