Sober since April 6, 2006


Monday, November 19, 2007

a dozen roses brighten any day

And today, I am grateful ...

  • to be sober
  • that I still have my family
  • that we all had a nice weekend
  • that I got to have lunch with my wonderful boyfriend
  • for the beautiful flowers my boyfriend gave me today. All of my coworkers' husbands got in trouble ... ("My husband hasn't given me flowers in years!")
  • to get a refresher course on cooking dressing
  • for my nice warm bed
  • that I can look back in this blog and see patterns and trends in my behavior ... I realize the blog has been more about work lately and less about AA. Part of that is because work has become more important. As a result, I'm not as happy overall as I used to be. Hrm ... pattern?
  • for God, because His plans cannot be derailed.


dAAve said...

I often think of the analogy ...


Trudging said...

God knows I have often tried to derail God's plans(-: