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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

sorry for the slowdown ...

I haven't had much to say in this blog for a while. When I first started blogging about recovery, this blog was my primary contact with other AA's.

When I first started getting sober, I had spent the previous two years of my life practically living online, so the transition into "real life" was scary. I went to AA meetings but I was too scared to talk to anyone or make any friends.

But since last October, I got over that fear -- I had to -- it was the only way I was going to stay sober. So now, I spend as much time as possible with my homegroup members ... and I don't have as much time to devote to this blog anymore.

I'll keep posting things whenever I can, but it's gonna be slow. I just didn't want anyone to think that I've "gone out" or that I don't care anymore.

I'm extremely grateful for this blog and for the online AA's out there ... the internet is a medium largely ignored by many AA's, but it has proved to be miraculous for me. Thanks to everyone who stops by!


Anonymous said...

I am one of, I guess, the many who stop by often (via RSS) and never comment, but draw a lot of strength and hope from your posts.

At the same time I always feel guilty as I'm taking and not giving back.

So if things are going to slow down here, then the least I can do is let you know what an inspiration this blog has been, and hopefully will continue to be for me. With grateful thanks and very best wishes for a long and happy sobriety.

johno said...

I just do what makes me feel comfortable at any given time, if i notice am blogging and not talking enough, and it doesnt sit right with me (ie isolating or sloth) then I just stop blogging for a while. Progress not perfection. Being aware is progress.

Jeani said...

Also Guilty!!! I have been reading your blog for months and not commenting. I have been in recovery 30 years and now I'm on oxygen 24/7. I go to a few meetings a week, when I can. These blogs have been a lifeline for me. Although you are early in recovery your struggles and victories aren't unique to just you. I'm a Grandmother of 13 and feel just like you. You have a lot of living to do, one day at a time. I'm praying you have a good life.

tkdjunkie said...

Thank you all so much ...

No need for anyone to feel guilty! Thank you very much for your kind words and encouragement :)