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Thursday, April 12, 2007

DMV adventures, and keeping "faith"

This morning, I used my last vacation day today to get the registration for my new car. My bosses are very strict about missing work -- so I had to use my last vacation day.

I got to the DMV this morning at 8:15 to register the car. The office didn't open until 9, but there were already 20 people waiting in line.

After waiting in line for 1.5 hours, the DMV clerk informed me that the company that sold me my car messed up the title. Their notary signed her name on the wrong line. The DMV could not take the title, so I could not register my car.

When I got the loan from the bank a few weeks ago, I remembered the loan officer told me that I had to bring the title to her. So I took the title to the loan officer and explained the situation about the notary issue. She had me sign the title, and she notarized next to my name. She said that should clear it up.

Then I vaguely remembered seeing an affidavit in the sales paperwork, stating something about a printer problem. So I went back home to read that again. Sure enough, it was regarding a printer problem on the title. That must be why the notary info was off.

I called the DMV to ask if this affidavit would clear up the problem. They assured me it would.

So I went back to the DMV. I waited in line for 3 -- three -- THREE hours.

When I finally got up to the counter, the DMV clerk told me that the affidavit was useless because the original notary had signed on the wrong line, and that the second notary stamp from the lady at the bank voided the title. Greeaaat.

The clerk shook her head, gave me a form to send to the sellers, and said "Good luck getting that back -- it's your only chance."

One part of me wanted to go postal, another part wanted to cry. This was my last vacation day ... how was I going to get another day off work to do this again?

But my autopilot took over in stoic mode. I thanked the clerk and calmly went back to my car to make some phone calls.

I went back to the bank and informed the loan officer that she had voided the title. She was extremely apologetic. I was extremely aggravated ... but that damn autopilot took over again, and I felt myself smile and tell her that it was okay ... even though everything on the inside screamed that it wasn't okay.

(Where does that autopilot come from anyway? In some cases, it's good, because I don't blow up at people. But it's bad in other cases because I don't stand up for myself when I should ...)

Fortunately I was able to get in contact with someone at the company that sold me my car. I explained the situation, and she said she would order a duplicate title and would also fill out the form from the DMV clerk. I'm so glad they're willing to work with me.

Things could always be worse ... at least I didn't go postal.

After that, I went on to work to try to salvage a few vacation hours back. I explained what happened to one of my coworkers.

When I told her about how frustrated I got, she asked, "Did you lose your faith?"

I've never thought about it like that before. I suppose losing my temper and getting upset would be like losing my faith. Because when I turn my will and my life over to God, I have nothing to become angry over.

And at the end of the day, I went to a meeting ... got to see people I care about stay sober. That was cool. I was glad that I stayed sober too.


Anonymous said...

You have the ability to stay in control of your emotions under the most stressful circumstances. Many people have not mastered that. You knew not to lash out at people who messed up when they were trying to help you. You have a keen sense of fairness, justice and good judgement. God does test us sometimes. You passed this test. You maintained your dignity, your composure, and demonstrated that you have class. Be proud of who you are and never give up faith in yourself. You are God-based and blessed. May His blessings continutally enfold and uplift you forever.

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Good for you. When we leave matter to our HP, you're blessed. You've the faith my friend.

Shannon said...

Things could always be worse ... at least I didn't go postal- AMEN
and autopiliot is grace. Man I am sorry you went through all this, but I know it will work out ok. This was such a great example of the Grace of God

Sober Chick said...

What clarity you have gained from this experience because of your Faith. Many rewards exist within this, and remaining calm with normal feelings of frustration shows much growth.

thejunkyswife said...

It's good to see someone doing so well in recovery, and it seems like you're really aware of the idea of recovery. I know when my husband gets into stressful situations, he loses track of the idea of all becomes about him--he's the victim, the world isn't going his way, etc. Ahhhhh!

recoveryroad said...

Three hours in a queue? OMG.

I'll try and remember your patience the next time I'm waiting for a southbound Northern line (London Underground) train. :)