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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

it takes a village

A cool chick picked up a three year chip tonight. She thanked the group for helping her to stay sober, and she made the comment, "It takes a village to raise an alcoholic." How true!

But there was a time in my earlier sobriety where I didn't feel like I belonged to the AA village. I felt like someone who hasn't been rejected yet. I knew I needed AA, but I didn't feel connected. I grew resentful toward the program and toward the people in it.

One day I heard a long-timer give a newcomer some advice: "Go to meetings until you want to go to meetings. Then go to meetings." I took that advice. I dragged myself to two meetings every day.

It didn't take long for me to start wanting to go to meetings. And then I started getting excited about going to meetings. Then it wasn't about going to the meeting anymore -- it was about catching up with people there to see how they're doing.

I started to see how each person in AA helped me, and how I could help them too. Before I knew it, I finally felt like I was a part of the AA village.

Looking back, I realize that I felt disconnected because I didn't connect myself. I'm grateful that I've learned how to connect to this program. I'm no longer trying to raise myself -- I have the help of a whole village.

Today, I'm especially grateful for ...

  • being 230 days sober
  • AA buddies, online and off
  • my awesome homegroup
  • my sponsor
  • my supportive family
  • living in an area with abundant meetings
  • God, because He creates hope


Dharmashanti said...

"Looking back, I realize that I felt disconnected because I didn't connect myself. "

Well said!

Peas and hominy,

Jen said...

I still feel disconnected in some ways...I hope I get to your point soon..