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Saturday, November 18, 2006

doing good

It always amazes me to see people doing good things in the world.

Today I was fortunate to spend some time at a kids party. It was arranged like a carnival in a store parking lot and was being run by several biker clubs. Society in general tends to regard bikers with a certain amount of distrust, so it seemed especially cool to see the various clubs working together to make something fun for the local kids.

(Hey, for any sober bikers in recovery out there, Motorcycle Mike has an awesome blog [HERE]. Check it out!)

I saw several parents driving by to stop and ask the admission price. They were all so happy to find out that it was free. The kids really had a great time.

All of the bikers were so nice. Some of them are members of my homegroup. I knew they were nice before ... but it meant something special to see them today. It makes me ask myself "When was the last time I did something nice for someone?"

I'm grateful for the example they set, and for the reminder they have given me.

Today, I'm especially thankful for ...

  • being 227 days sober
  • witnessing kindness today
  • AA buddies online and off
  • meeting up for coffee with friends
  • being exhausted after a killer workweek
  • having stepwork to do
  • my family still remembers my name. I haven't been home much lately.
  • my sponsor, because she's willing to talk with me every day
  • God, because He is speaking to me through so many different people and things right now.

PS -- For another story about people doing good in the world, check out [this story] about a "Secret Santa", who has given away $1.3 million to random people at Christmas time. What a great story!


An Irish Friend of Bill said...

cool. when we are 'pleasantly surprised' by others it means we have dim view of others. we are 'pitching too low' in our estimation. i happen to have this tendency too. i will know when i have changed for the better when instead of being pleasantly surprised, i find i am dissapointed more often instead. i have not reached that point yet. and in the meantime i remind myself that i generally underestimate people, when i find myself taking a view of them.

tkdjunkie said...

Thanks, Irish Friend.

Yup, I have a dim view of myself and humanity. I never expect anyone to be nice. So whenever someone does something even remotely kind, it's surprising!

But I think I'd rather be impressed by others' generosity than to take it for granted. It's like witnessing God's grace flowing through others -- and that's a miracle in itself.

lash505 said...

Yea it make me feel that our world does have some good.

Mary Christine said...

You really gotta love sober bikers.

Motorcycle Mike - Sober Biker said...

Ok, so my math isn't all that good, but 228 days is still a miracle.

Honest mistake........

SCoUt said...

Sober Bikers Rule! And I do love Mike's blog, too.
I guess I am someone who expects that people are good and nice and will do the right thing (at least most of them)unless they are in a place where they are ill somehow -- be it addiction, poverty, mental illness, etc.
But I don't think there's a reason to mention that you used the words "pleasantly surprised." If you are new to a group, then you may be surpised just out of the newness. rock, little sista.

dAAve said...

Every day that you don't drink or use, you are doing something good. Both for you, and the world around you.