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Saturday, October 14, 2006

this new meeting is cool :D

I tried a new meeting tonight, and I love it! It's every Saturday night at 10. Some of the folks there are members of my Wednesday/Friday night homegroup. It's awesome to go to a new meeting and see familiar faces. I love these people, although I don't show it well. That's another issue to work on.

I also learned about a great women's meeting on Thursday evenings. I'll have to give that one a try too!

Again, I didn't "share" in this meeting, but I made a baby step forward in that area. There was a lady I wanted to share my thoughts with because (surprise!) she shared something I have experience with. Although I was too nervous to share in front of the group, I waited until after the meeting, then introduced myself to her and talked with her for a few minutes. So I shared that way. I guess it's better than not sharing at all. Plus I got to meet her and know her better. That was cool. Perhaps I can work my way up to sharing with the group.

Thanks to everyone who offered advice regarding my reluctance to share in discussion meetings. [in reference to this post] You folks are awesome :)

Regarding the breakup, I'm not as sad about it today as I was before. The hurt is still there. But whenever I think of him -- which I often do -- I pray for him and hope he is okay.

Today, I'm grateful for ...

  • being 191 days sober
  • the incredibly patient people who read my blog
  • finding a new awesome meeting
  • attending three meetings today
  • meeting new people
  • opening up ... a little bit
  • my wonderful family and adorable dog
  • God, because I can feel Him with me


Anonymous said...

Way to go about going to a new meeting, joining a new women's group AND stepping out in faith despite the hurt to help someone. That's very Christ-like of you!

I'm sorry you are feeling hurt, it must be tougher on some days than others. You will get through it with Jesus, believe me. How awesome is it that you are praying for the gentlemen you dated. That's a huge evidence of maturity.

Again, WAAAY TO GO!!

God bless you.

- Friend of God -

dAAve said...

Sharing with that woman is great. A "crowd" doesn't need to hear your every thought and problem. One-on-one does quite nicely.

Designer Girl said...

That's so cool! I agree with dAAve, and I'm so happy you're finding meetings where you feel at home. That's soooo important!

Trudging said...

Good for you! It sounds like a great meeting