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Monday, October 16, 2006

monday gratitude

Work went well today. It flashed by quickly. I'm so grateful to be learning the spiritual principles in AA -- they make work so much easier. The drama isn't so overwhelming.

I went to another new meeting tonight, and got to meet new people and see familiar faces. It's cool to be able to go to a new meeting but not feel so alone once you get there. I also got to see the lady I spoke with after Saturday night's meeting. It was good to see her, and to see that she's still working through her problem sober.

Today, I'm especially grAAteful for ...

  • being 193 days sober
  • not having to hide anything (WOW! Nothing to hide!)
  • being allowed to be me. I don't have to be anyone else anymore. I can be myself.
  • the awesome people at AA meetings. They treat me with more kindness than I generally return. Providing appropriate reciprocity has always been difficult. I'm trying to improve, but I'm still afraid to open up. Just taking baby steps ...
  • the nice people who read my blog
  • the patient people at work who are training me
  • my supportive and loving family
  • realizing (again) that happiness is a result of my spiritual condition, not my circumstances
  • the ability to stop ... stop thinking ... stop moving ... just STOP
  • God, because He is there when I can stop long enough to pay attention to Him


V said...

what will you find behind the door that is one door away from heaven?

if your heart is closed, then you will find behind that door nothing to light your way.
but if your heart is open, you will find behind that door people, who like you, are searching, and you will find the right door together with them.
none of us can ever save himself; we are the instruments of one another's salvation, and only by the hope that we give to others do we lift ourselves out of the darkness into light.


faith in the basic rightness of the world, in the existence of meaning, requires courage, because with it comes the need to take responsibility for your actions - and because every act of caring exposes the heart to a potential wound.

- Dean Koontz : One Door Away From Heaven

these words alway give me strength when i need it. V

lash505 said...

When I feel lonely I look lonely and people usually leave me alone. Thats why I fake it till I make it sometimes.

recoveryroad said...

The 'stop thinking' thing is useful. I had to learn to top analysing everything when I came to the rooms. I just gave myself a headache.


I love it when I can STOP.
I see you,

Old Lush said...

You are so stop and be still is something I could never do before!

SCoUt said...

I can hear you growing.
Simply awesome!

A Tampa Realtor said...

Glad to see you doing so well!! Keep up the good work! TKD - You into Tae Kwon Do?

Congrats on the new job too!


Scott W said...

STOP. On of my favorite principles.