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Saturday, October 28, 2006

"grapevine what's-her-name"

This week has been odd. My emotions are becoming volatile again. There were many highs and lows. I thank God for the period of relative emotional stability that I experienced over the past month. That was nice.

Today started out volatile but ended well. I was invited to attend my sponsor's homegroup "eating meeting" tonight, which they only have four times a year. I don't recall her telling me beforehand that SHE was going to be the speaker! I would have been much more excited to attend if I had known that. It was awesome to hear her story. I'm so glad that I went!

Then I went to the Saturday 10pm meeting and made it a second home group (however, I'm reserving my voting rights for my primary home group). After the meeting, they held a group conscience meeting and elected new people to fill various roles. They elected me to maintain the supply of Grapevine issues. I've never even seen a Grapevine issue before! (Err, what's the Grapevine? Find out [here].) My new nickname there is "Grapevine What's-Her-Name". Surely there must be something better than that ...

The term lasts for one year. I hope I can stay sober for a year! I never thought I could last six months, but here I am. By the grace of God go I.

Today, I'm especially grateful for ...

  • being 206 DAMN days sober
  • AA buddies online and off
  • having a service committment
  • my supportive family
  • my functioning car, which gets me to meetings
  • being tired enough to sleep tonight (I hope)
  • God, who knows the future but STILL isn't freaked out about it


lash505 said...

Thats awesome grapevine, we need to laugh at ourselves. It helps free us from ourself. You are the service queen that is what is all about..


Thanks for your kind words on my blog. Stay strong and got to love the Grapevine.

Sober Chick said...

ahhh, a meeting in print! This is an important commitment.

Trudging said...

Being "tired enough to sleep" is a huge gift of sobriety for me.

dAAve said...

Those commitments can save ourlives. Good for you.

Carly said...

Good for you!

Mary Christine said...

Congrats on your first service position. May it be the first of many.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

Cool! Service is tops! It keeps us alive. and thats the main thing!

Gwen said...

The Grapevine Rocks! Service work rocks! And I agree ~ there must be a more creative nick name for u.


SCoUt said...

Grapevine Chick:
The service will help you keep you clean during the upcoming year. Service and all the other things you are doing.
Just for Today, grl.

recoveryroad said...

Lol. Grapevine What's-Her-Name? Lmao!

THe emotions thing ebbs and flows and ebbs and flows and ebbs and lads get it too, y'know. :-)

Jason said...

Lol I couldn't figure out why you said "Grapevine What's-Her-Name" in your email but now I know. This is your 2nd HGroup's secretary, btw ... hope you don't mind I found your blog.
It ROCKS. Great to know my homegroup's Grapevine Rep. is so into sobriety :D and great to get to know you better. OMG it's friendship in print just like the Grapevine!!!