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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Awesome music by John Petrucci

For all of the guitar lovers out there:

John Petrucci has got to be one of the most amazing guitar players in the world. His painstaking attention to detail and the complexity of his music is simply amazing. Everybody should be able to hear this guy play.

Click Play on the player below to hear "Tunnel Vision" from his "Suspended Animation" solo album:

(I thought the coolest part was 2:42-4:35)

[Visit his website]     [See his Wikipedia article]

Thanks to my big brother for getting me hooked into some awesome music :)

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hippychick said...

you always seem to say just what i need to hear. i'm trying to hang in there. :-) i WILL find another meeting with kinder people..

xoxo - hippychick -