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Friday, September 15, 2006

successful interview

It seems like the job interview went well. The more I heard about the job and the people who work there, the more I wanted the job! Kind of silly, eh?

But if I take this job, I'll lose my homegroup. Bleh. I'll have to search-and-pick a different meeting every night. It's really best to go to the same meeting every day so that you can get to know everyone, and they can get to know you. So losing that stability worries me a bit.

It probably doesn't matter anyway -- I'm underqualified for the position and probably won't get it. But the interview experience was good. Learned from it. That's the important thing.

As for the rest of the day ... I dunno what to do. Just feeling lost in "what if's" and "why's" and wondering if I'm doing the right thing in other areas of life.

Life was so much easier when the answer to every question came out of a vodka bottle ...


Mark W. said...

"Life was so much easier when the answer to every question came out of a vodka bottle ..."

Errmmmm..... NOT! I never had an answer come from a bottle of Wild Turkey only another problem. So why would you have an answer come from a bottle of vodka?

Easier? EASIER??? tkd, did you drink on Mars or some other planet?

Do you know the first thing that goes when you begin to drink?

Need a clue?



It only seemed easier, it wasn't. It only sounded like an answer because it seemed easier than the real answer. Our judgement was impaired, therefore we did not see the realities. We always opt for fantasy... the "easier, softer way."

Despite sometimes seeming like it's so much more difficult, staying sober is a lot less effort than going back to what I was like before. That was work that took way too much effort!

lash505 said...

That was the problem it wasn't the answer or I would be still drinking.

dAAve said...

Having to change homegroup's may seem unfair at first. But you will get to know a bunch of other people, make new friends and expand your recovery. I belive we call this progress, especially when it's done for the right reason, such as getting a new job.

Have a GREAT weekend.

tkdjunkie said...

Yeah, you guys are right. Thank you for sharing your insights!


I go through something similiar every year at this time. I have the summer off and then when I return to work it screws with my meeting schedule - especially my home group. I can oh so relate to the lost feeling too.
Life was so much easier when the answer to every question came out of a vodka bottle ...NOT...just think of all the shit that came along with that.
You rock and keep coming.
I see you,