Sober since April 6, 2006


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Notes and stuff

I've been taking notes in meetings for a while. Thought it would be interesting to journal them. They primarily consist of ideas that come to mind during beginner's discussion meetings, so they may not make sense to anyone else but me.

Acceptance has been a recurring theme lately. The AA booklet called "Acceptance" by Vincent P. Collins is an amazing read. You can read it online [here].

I picked up a couple of books after the meeting today -- "Twenty-Four Hours A Day" and "Came to Believe". "24 hours" seems like an awesome devotional. I like how it gives a meditation and a prayer for the day. That gives me something to concentrate on.

Man, I'm sleepy :)

Today, I'm especially grateful for:

  • being SOBER
  • AA meetings & members
  • my tremendously supportive and understanding family
  • my sweet, innocent dog -- who thinks I'm a great person
  • my precious and generous boyfriend, who makes me feel special
  • my functional car, which gets me to AA meetings safely
  • God, who has His ideas ... and lets me experience them


Gwen said...

You picked up a couple of good reads.

dAAve said...

good stuff

Old Lush said...

Congratulations on your sobriety! We have about the same time...take care:)

Trudging said...

All good stuff! Keep on trudging


my functional car, which gets me to AA meetings safely

I can bitch and complain about my car but when it comes down to it...I am oh so grateful to have one.

I see you,