Sober since April 6, 2006


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Day 111

The past few days have been very odd.

I've been "off" in an emotional/mental/spiritual sense, and feeling absolutely exhausted. Constant fatigue, headaches, body aches, physical weakness, mood swings, and overall irratability. Not fun to be around at all.

Then Knightley, my beloved collie, got food poisoning. He's been projectile vomiting and spewing diarrhea everywhere for the past two days. It's so hard to see him suffer. He's the most gentle and loving creature I've ever met, and he doesn't understand why he's sick. I feel so powerless.

Dad got sick. He's never sick. Ever. He's like the Superman of illness-free living. How on earth can he get sick? He doesn't deserve to be sick. Why couldn't I be sick instead? I'm not as important as he is and I deserve to be sick anyway.

I'm just glad that it's time for bed.

Today, I'm grateful for ...

  • being 111 days sober
  • not going completely insane yet
  • finally finishing my website (well, finishing a "presentable" version anyway)
  • my precious boyfriend, who helped me with my website
  • my loving family and adorable puppy
  • my nice, warm, soft bed
  • the soft pillows, sheets, and blankets on my bed
  • the gentle scent of fabric softener from the sheets
  • my soft teddy bear
  • my comfy pajamas
  • ... okay I just need to go to bed :P
  • God. I'm not exactly sure what I'm thankful of God for, but it's more than I can type.

1 comment:

Tab said...

oh geese .... I need to go to bed too.
z z z z your list is so freaking cozy.
Thanks for sharing :)