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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Gratitude can be caffeinated :D

Ya know, the morning coffee is a wonderful thing. The late-morning espresso and afternoon cappuccino are even better :D

I shared my experience yesterday at a meeting, and told it in a funny way that resulted in laughter, playful jeering, a chorus of "keep coming back", and a new phone number from a nice lady. I love the people in that AA group. They are awesome!

Today, I'm grateful for:

  • being 56 days sober
  • Starbucks :)
  • this amazing guy, who takes great lengths to make me feel appreciated
  • my sweet family -- which wants to meet this "amazing guy"
  • my adorable puppy, who lets me cuddle him and play with the puppy fuzz on his ears
  • the program of AA
  • AA friends online & off
  • God, the most patient of all beings

Just had to share this pic that mom took -- Knightley smelling a rose:

I adore that sense of wonder and gentleness ...

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