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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Clean and Sober, Sober and CLEAN!

I'm so incredibly grateful. After two years of living in a room stacked wall to wall with clutter, it is now CLEAN!

During this process, I found many artifacts of my drinking. Although I feel ashamed to have ever fallen into that severe state of alcoholic living, I'm grateful to be free from it now.

I also found some useful things too! I found an old cell phone that I couldn't use -- but my brother could use it. His old phone broke. I found an extended warranty that I had purchased for a camcorder, which broke last Christmas. I also found many nice things to donate to chairity.

I found some "Before" pics that I took in July 2005 -- a time when I was drinking heavily. I think at the time I was having a friendly argument with an online friend over which one of us had the messiest room ... or something like that. Maybe I was just drunk.

Disgusting, eh?

And here is the same room today, now that I'm sober:

(Yes, I kind of over-decorate) :P

I think my state of mind has improved just as much as the room has!

In addition to getting everything nice and clean, yesterday was my parents' 34th wedding anniversary. For the first time in my life, I prepared ahead of time and got them a nice gift. I've simply never had the presence of mind to do that before. I'm grateful to finally be able celebrate with them :)

Today, I'm grateful for ...

  • being 80 days sober
  • finally getting everything clean
  • finally being able to give my parents something for their anniversary
  • my sweet boyfriend, who got to meet my whole family yesterday
  • my awesome family and darling puppy
  • God, who led me through the Valley of the Shadow of Filth ...


M said...

Jeez! You weren't kiding when you said you needed to get rid of some stuff :) Good job and congrats on the new record.

dAAve said...

No matter what gift you may have bought them, you gave them a much better gift this year -- YOU!

Khakra said...

dude that room needed some serious work

BigSkymAAck said...

What a difference 80 days makes. I just want to know how many dumpsters you had to fill to get your room to look that good. A very interesting decorating style you have as well

tkdjunkie said...

Thanks guys! I didn't fill any dumpsters, actually -- just three very large trash bags.

I'm so glad to have this over ...


Wow! The room looks great and I'm with dAAve...your gift is YOU and being clean and sober.
I see you,

simsample said...

Wow, 81 days AND a clean room! Are you free to tidy my house for me? Nice work!

Tab said...

Oh I just love to clear the clutter!!
Your list is wonderful too..!
Thanks for sharing ~

Tab said...

*and what Daave said, so true :)