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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Listen ... and smile

There's no better place to be than sitting on the swing during a warm and sunny day, the gentle breeze stirring soft whispers through the leaves in the towering trees, as sunshine and shadow dance in the grass below. Lightly rocking in the swing with my book, I stop to enjoy the chorus of nature swirling around me.

Some people imagine God's voice sounding loud and thunderous. I imagine it being soft and subtle, the gentlest sound in the world, one that we all hear every day but rarely notice. As the wind nestles the leaves in the trees, what faint whispers pass our ears and our hearts unnoticed?


friend of god said...

Your'e right about that. God's definitely is gentle with his children in speech, espeically to his precious daughter being you.

God loves you. He'd give his life up for you, which he did...and then he took you with him in his hear forever :)

friend of god said...

I forgot to mention, that God gave up his life for you, not for you to feel sorry for him or yourself etc., but becuae he loves you and knew that this is the only way that you can experience life to the fullest (John 10:10).

That life is actively dailly, moment by moment, resting in him like Joyce Meyer talks about. Not a life filled with stress, doubt, hate, bitterness, fear etc. but one that's fun and you can do cartwheels and at the same time in God's timing get the right job etc. He's got you in his perfect plan, even if things don't "feel" or "look" like it.

You're definitely showing great progress, praise God!

Praying for you.