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Monday, April 24, 2006

Post Acute Withdrawal

Are you sober, but feeling crazier now than you did when you were drinking? You're not alone.

You may be going through Post Acute Withdrawal (PAW). It is estimated that 75-95% of recovering alcoholics experience PAW in varying degrees of severity. Some hardly notice it, while others find it almost debilitating.

These are the primary symptoms:

1. Inability to think clearly
2. Memory problems
3. Emotional overreactions or numbness
4. Sleep disturbances
5. Physical coordination problems
6. Stress sensitivity

More descriptive symptoms:
Lack of confidence.
Denial (It wasn't really that bad or I can handle it now).
Lack of commitment to a support system.
Trying to change others before they are ready.
Compulsive behavior (becoming compulsive and out of balance in another area or your life).
Impulsive behavior (acting before you think things through or outbursts).
Easily Angered.
Irregular sleep.
"I don't care," attitude.
Feeling hopeless.
Self pity.
Conscious lying.
Controlled drinking (trying to limit or control use).
Loss of control (back to original state of consumption).

The following websites have some excellent information about PAW:
For a quick explanation, click here.

For a thorough explanation, click here.

Sometimes, it just helps to know that you're not going completely insane ...

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jjs said...

This is great. AA really helped me in so many ways -- finding a God of my understanding, surrendering of my own will and so many other things. Thank you for developing this space and know there is hope in a life without drinking and substance abuse! You can have fun without being intoxicated! Furthermore, you will remember things and that is one of the greatest gifts of sobriety. What fun is a life if it is only one long blackout?